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In collaboration with Illumaesthetic, we collaborated to create an awesome automotive product to bring out the ultimate weeb inside you! We call it the "Horntai".

Sound/Video Clip -

Wiring instructions - 
Red Wire - 12V Power
Black Wire - Ground
Green Wire - Signal Wire (horn button)

IF SOLD OUT - Please visit for the rest of the allocation!~

V1 version of our collaborative "Horntai".

1) Loud. Your mom probably won't appreciate you putting this in your car. (But not like airhorn loud)
2) Features intermittent programming, meaning it will only play while the horn button is depressed. Current horns on the market force the whole loop to complete, dishonoring your family in tricky situations. You can blip this horn if need be without embarrassing yourself and your waifu.
3) Simple to install, 3 wires (power, ground, signal), and low amp draw means no separate relay required.

**Note** for optimum safety, we recommend wiring this in separate with your regular horn, as regular drivers may not be able to recognize this sound as a horn.